Empowering Lives To Impact Communities

Mission Statement

At H.O.P.E. (Hands On Purpose Enterprises), we believe in the power of unity and purpose to transform lives.

As a beacon of innovation and compassion, we harness diverse initiatives to empower local communities, foster sustainable development, and build resilient futures.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive support systems that cater to a wide range of basic needs—from housing and professional training to innovative urban agriculture and community sustainability.

Through our dedicated programs, Permanent Party Homes and Villages, Do Good On Purpose, HarvestBox Farms, Harvest Soup And Salad Cafe, NATCHIP, and The Legacy Mission, we strive to create lasting impacts that extend beyond immediate needs to fostering long-term growth and community well-being.

Through training, collaboration, and community engagement, we strive to create a world where our veterans and citizens are not homeless, no one goes hungry, and homes become havens once again.

Where individuals find dignity and hope through the efforts of our mission. And we all find purpose in voluntarily serving others.

Statement of Purpose

Empowering Through Action

HOPE’s diverse range of programs addresses critical areas such as housing, employment, skill development, and food security.

Each initiative is designed to not only meet basic needs but also to empower individuals to thrive and contribute positively to their communities:

Advocacy for Affordable and Accessible Housing:

Permanent Party Homes and Villages

In honor of those who gave their all in serving us through their military commitments, our priority focuses on providing homes and a community for our homeless veterans.

Do Good On Purpose

We offer stable, affordable housing solutions located in vibrant community-oriented tiny home villages, emphasizing a pathway to stability for those who have become homeless.

Through strict accountability to support services and community volunteerism, each participant can secure permanent housing and obtain a second chance in life.

Sustainable Food Security:

HarvestBox Farms

We integrate sustainable urban agriculture with this veteran training program to promote community sustainability by growing and providing fresh, chemical-free produce.

Harvest Soup And Salad Cafe

Our purpose is to nourish bodies and spirits by providing free, nutritious meals to the needy, emphasizing community support through food.

Empowerment through Skill Development:


We aim to empower individuals by providing comprehensive training programs in home construction, home repair, and home maintenance.

Through hands-on learning experiences, we equip our participants with the practical skills and knowledge needed to address the housing needs of those within our communities.

Dignity and Respect for Homeowners:

The Legacy Mission

We facilitate youth mentoring in churches and youth organizations for the purpose of restoring homes within the community for homeowners in need.

We recognize the inherent dignity of every individual, and we approach our projects with a deep respect for the homeowners in need whom we serve.

Our goal is not only to build and/or repair homes but also to restore a sense of pride and dignity to those facing financial and physical challenges, fostering a positive and uplifting environment.

Community Collaboration for Sustainable Impact:

We foster a sense of community and collaboration by bringing together volunteers, charity organizations, churches, local businesses, and national and international corporations.

By uniting our efforts, we create a sustainable network that can address the diverse housing needs of our those in need, ensuring a lasting impact on the overall well-being of our local communities.

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